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9.32 Excel Export Issue

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9.32 Excel Export Issue


We recently completed our upgrade to PPM 9.32, and are noticing something odd with exporting portlets to Excel.  For the majority of users the new export to Excel works as it should... i.e., user clicks the Export to Excel button from a portlet and the Excel file seamlessly pops up in .XLSX format.

For a small subset of users, however, attempting to export results in the old HTML to Excel is getting invoked, and the downloads are in .XLS format.  When these same users attempt to export these exact same portlets using Chrome, there are no issues and a .XLSX file is generated.

Has anyone experienced anything like this, or does anyone have any suggestions or ideas what could be causing this?




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Re: 9.32 Excel Export Issue


Please check and remove all the fields having validation as "URL"(mostly the fields which displays / contains hyperlinks) from the displayed column list and then try exporting to excel again.

This is fixed in 9.32.0002 as mentioned in the release notes.

Hope this will help you, if the issue you are getting is related to this.