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9.2 Upgrade using a new instance

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9.2 Upgrade using a new instance

Currently I have one 9.12 Instance (Prod), and all servers are backed up nightly. I want to create an UpG instance for an upgrade to 9.20

Web Server <-->  Prod (App Server, DB Server, File Server)
                    <-->  UpG  (App Server, DB Server)

Thus I will:
- Migrate the PPM Prod instance and create the UpG instance.
- Upgrade the UpG instance to PPM 9.20

1) Does the instance migration migrate all of the DB data ?, or will I have
to use the Entity Migration to migrate the data ?

2) By the time my UpG instance is running as a 9.12 instance, and then upgraded to 9.20, the Prod instance is still running with users. The UpG instance data will be stale. What is the best way to Synch the data with the Prod instance ?

3) Can both instance and entity migrations be air-gapped? The instance migration looks like it can be air-gapped.

Mahen M
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Re: 9.2 Upgrade using a new instance

Please find the answers.

1. If you upgrade from PPM 9.12 to PPM 9.2 then you need not migrate the DB Data, PPM upgrade takes care of that. There were some table/column changes, so you cannot migrate from 9.12 to 9.2 version.

2. You cannot migrate data from 9.12 to PPM 9.2, You have to perform the upgrade again.

3. What is meant by air-gapped? Kindly explain.

Mahendran M
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Re: 9.2 Upgrade using a new instance

1 and 2) I think your response is saying - When I do the Instance Migration I will get the DB data. After running the 9.2 upgrade the Entity Migration will fail for different versions (This is documented - Entity migrations only work with same PPM versions). Thus, upgrading the Upgrade instance will simply be a test/practise - I will still need to go back and upgrade the Production instance.


3) Air-gapped simply means hand-carry.