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9.14.002 -> 9.14.003

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Alexander (Sua)
Super Contributor.

9.14.002 -> 9.14.003

Hello evrybody


Sometime ago we upgraded PPM 9.12 to 9.14.002 all our PPM instances. It order to avoid any problems we stopped migrating new developments from upgraded instance to not upgraded yet. But it's not convinient because it makes slower delivery of new features to end-users.


So, if I upgrade development PPM instance to 9.14.003 it will be possible to move (using PPM object migrator) new|changes things from PPM 9.14.003 to 9.14.002?


BR, Alexander

Jason Nichols K
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: 9.14.002 -> 9.14.003



Unless something has changed with these new minor patches, which I highly doubt, PPM has always required that the source and target PPM instances be at the same version and patch level.  So, you would need to have each instance in your migration path on the same patch level, e.g. 9.14.003.



Alexander (Sua)
Super Contributor.

Re: 9.14.002 -> 9.14.003

Hello Jason


Thanks for answer. I thought the same, but to be sure decided to ask :)


BR, Alexander.