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9.13 DMS Conversion - failures

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9.13 DMS Conversion - failures

Although we've been running HP PPM since Mercury ITG 6.0, we are configuring a new "clean" instance of HP PPM 9.13 and have been advised to turn on the new Oracle DMS feature for document management.  The DBA's have run their scripts and the configuration steps have been completed in the Administration Console.  However, when I begin the migration (we only have 180 documents in this test instance), nothing happens on the console and the serverLog.txt shows:


ERROR :ppmHeavyServiceListenerContainer-1:com.kintana.dms:2012/02/14-12:53:30.709 EST: getNotMigratedDocument

java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00904: : invalid identifier" errors.


Any advice/clues on what is missing?




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Re: 9.13 DMS Conversion - failures



Some issue will occur at that stage of DMS Migraiton if PPM DB user doesn't have proper access to use the dbms_random  oracle package. 


You can validate this by executing the following SQL in the admin console "SQL Runner":


SELECT dbms_random.value FROM dual;


You should get a random value as the result. If you get an error, then that's very likely to be the source of your problem. Your DBA can fix this by granting PPM DB user the right to execute dbms_random package.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event