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8.03-bundle has been re-released

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8.03-bundle has been re-released

Hi all,


to everyone that has 8.0x running on their instances:

Please be aware that the bundle 8.03 has been released again due to the following issues found with the original release:


- QCCR1L40991: Received "Dashboard object import failed:
               (KNTA-11145)" when importing ALM - Deployed
               Releases Portlet Definition) using ALM
- QCCR1L41541: Cross Site Scripting error when using
               Advanced Search on a Request Type with
               a name in Chinese
- QCCR1L40934: Workbench from Desktop not coming up second
               time due to App Error "Jar resources in JNLP
               file are not signed by same certificiate"
- QCCR1L41110: Error is thrown out in Dashboard if the
               portlet definition has calculated column.
- QCCR1L41720: When drill down to the last request of the
               "My Request" portlet, the
               server return "500" error.
- QCCR1L41712: Cost Rollup Background Service gets three
               exceptions during service dealing
               PPMOracleHibernateBatcher and failed
               cost rollup with id
- QCCR1L41790: PPM Prompt is embedded into autocomplete
               window after search resource with XSS string

The release notes should also be updated soon.

The Service Pack can be obtained on Self Solve Online using a search on PPMC_00096 or directly via the following link:


Best regards,