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7.5 Service Pack 5 Error

Andrew R Young
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7.5 Service Pack 5 Error

We just recently upgraded our development environment was upgraded from HP 7.1 patch 9 to 7.5 service pack 5. We are now receiving the below error when we attempt to click on a workflow transition button. This isn't happening all all requests, just some. Has anyone experienced the same issue? If so, has HP provided any one off patches to resolve the issue?
CDT: Missing Resources. Contact HP Project and Portfolio Management Support with server log or Java Console screen. (KNTA-140085)
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Re: 7.5 Service Pack 5 Error

Hi Andrew,

Here are some my thoughts on the error.

1) I used to get this error, when i have a UI Rule defining the status dependencies of fields at run time.
2) Example if i have a field, that have been hidden and marked as required due to some wrong configuration of rules then this message comes.

I think this error is not due to upgrade activity.

Please let me know at wat suitations u are getting this error.


Andrew R Young
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Re: 7.5 Service Pack 5 Error

We seem to have narrowed down the issue to the Work Item Fields. The requests that have Work Item Fields as a set of fields get this error. If we remove this section from our request types, we no longer receive the error and the workflow moves as expected.
B Swanson
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Re: 7.5 Service Pack 5 Error

We got this error related to request rules that pull from table components. It was also causing all of our "Apply on Field Change" rules to be triggered every time you did a save.

We got a one-off patch from HP this morning that fixed the problem. It is a defect in 7.5 SP5.
Sascha Mohr
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Re: 7.5 Service Pack 5 Error

Hi, it's a very generic error message. We received it e.g. when adding ,ore fields to a request than available columns in the DB (then set from 50 > 100 and error is gone). If I interpret this correctly it is just a placeholder for another error message, that is unavailable. In our case this may be caused by the language pack, which may not be complete.

Re: 7.5 Service Pack 5 Error

Hi Swanson!

We've encountered the same issue on our installation and would like to fix it as soon as possible.

Could you please let us know if the one-off patch helped? If yes, could you share it with us?

Thanks in advance!
Niraj Prabhu
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Re: 7.5 Service Pack 5 Error

Hello Andrew,

I received patch from HP for Missing Resources issue. And it seem to have the fixed the problem.

Niraj P.