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7.5 PPM Webservices

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7.5 PPM Webservices

Hi All

I have a query about the HTTP Basic Authentication, if I don't add a username and password in the Authentication header

I have added a cookie for SSO authentication.

public void setHttpBasicAuthHeader(Stub stub, String serviceURL) {

List headers = new ArrayList();
headers.add(new Header(HTTPConstants.COOKIE_STRING,

Options options = new Options();
options.setTo(new EndpointReference(serviceURL));
options.setProperty(HTTPConstants.HTTP_HEADERS, headers);


I get 'Originally Added By Null' added to the note I am adding.

I want to get rid of this information, does anyone know how to do this?

I am just using the PasswordCallbackHandler and client-axis2.xml that came with the webservice toolkit.

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Re: 7.5 PPM Webservices

I am having difficulties trying to remove the 'Originally Added by null.' text from notes when added by the DemandService Webservice.

I have found where this is added in either one of these properties files

I have made the value for the key
NOTE_ORIGINAL_AUTHOR.TXT equal to no value.




I have tried restarting the server, deleting the work and temp folders, then recompiling the JSPs.

But it still adds 'Originally Added By Null' to the bottom of the note.

I am trying to get it not add this at all.

I must be missing something as I am unable to remove it.

Alan Delimon
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Re: 7.5 PPM Webservices

You can call:

On the note creation. This will at least set an author so that it doesn't say "Originally added by null".

Not sure how to get that message to not display at all though. If you find out I'd like to do it too.
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Re: 7.5 PPM Webservices

I knew about setting the author would set it to a value so that is ok but doesn't really help my cause.

I raised a support case with HP and they say it requires an enhancement of the application, so I have asked for it but as I don't think my company is willing to pay it will be on the lowest priority.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event