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6 to 7 table mappings

Amy McNamara
New Member.

6 to 7 table mappings

We are in the process of upgrading ITG 6 to PPM 7. We would like to have a cross walk illustrating the table and field of the 6 data and what table and field it maps to in 7. Does anyone know if HP provides this information? Or, can someone share what they put together?

Darshan Bavisi
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: 6 to 7 table mappings

Hi Amy,

The tables of Demand Management and Change/Deployment Management have not changed in 7. The tables of PM, TM have changed substantially. You may follow these steps to compare both 6 and 7 data model,

1. Read through and extract details from the What's New.pdf document provided by HP. It has some details on the table structure changes.

2. Take the TRM of both 6 and 7 versions. Even in that you can take first the entity relationship diagrams of both 6 and 7 for quick comparison and to know easily what tables and where exactly the relationships have been removed, modified and added in 7.

3. Once identified that, then you can look only on the tables that are modified for further detailed comparison if required, instead of the huge over 1200 page 2 TRMs, which will be otherwise a huge task to check on manually from both TRMs.

I don't think HP has provided the exact changes or comparisons in any single document.

For all out-of-the-box configurations the upgrade utility will take care of migrating all data into new data model, but if you have any custom reports, portets, database scripts, etc., and specifically on the Project and Time Management pieces, then only you will need to substantially dig into all the changes in both the versions. Any scripts written on the Demand Management and Deployment Management mostly should not have any changes in 7.