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4000 Char Limit?

Andy McMahon_1
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4000 Char Limit?

Hello again.  

I think I know the answer to this, but I thought I'd ask.

I have 2 fields that are set to the 4000 character limit.  Since our go live, I've gotten several emails saying that those fields aren't big enough... Is it possible to make just a couple of fields bigger than the 4000 limit?  



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Re: 4000 Char Limit?

Yes in PPM you cannot go beyond 4000 limit. If there is larger data then go for attachment option.

Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: 4000 Char Limit?



keep in mind that the task of a form or request is to structure or atomize data and not to just digitize long text. of course you can attach document or other things (url, ...).


Talk with your customer and find out if it's a must to type in long unstructured text. If yes ask him if there's no possible structure or if he's writing a book (yoke). Help him with structuring the fileds. In my projects nearly every PPM user was willing to divide its text in strutured way. 





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Re: 4000 Char Limit?

Hi all,


an Enhancement Request with the ID QCCR1L37470 was created for this almost exactly 2 years ago:


Customer has requirements for larger text fields in requests as they are available today (>4000 chars). They would recommend to add columns or convert existing ones to the type CLOB. Detailed descriptions often get larger than 4000 characters, especially if the original text is being copied from a word processor where there was no such limit.

It's not customer-visible unfortunately, maybe someone would like to create a ticket to get updated about the statu