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[Tips] Permissions for Unix-based LoadGenerator

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[Tips] Permissions for Unix-based LoadGenerator

Question: What permissions are required to be granted for LoadGenerator on Unix?


Answer: In order to install Performance Center's LoadGenerator on Unix, some preparations should be done prior to install:


  • The Unix user that used for LG host should have 755 permissions on the installation folder.
  • The following Unix command should be issued to make sure the user owns installation folder:


chown -R <username>:<group> <LG-install-folder>


  •  Another Unix command establishes read/write/exec permissions to the user who owns the installation folder:
chmod -R 755 <LG-install-folder>
  • Upon completion of the above commands, login as the user used for LG host and try creating a file to verify whether the user can write to the folder with the following command:
  • touch test.txt
    The test.txt file should be created.

At this point, the system is ready for LoadGenerator install.