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LoadRunner/MI istener Best Practices

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LoadRunner/MI istener Best Practices



Are there HP documents on LoadRunner/MI Listener topology and Best Practices?



We are preparing to run a performance test in which we have Load Generators installed at customer's networks. Load Generators inside each network share the same external IP so we thought it would be best to use port forwarding. However only one Load Gen at a time can be reached / network with this approach.

Question: Is there a better way to set this up so that we could reach all of the load gens? Would adding an MI Listener server between the Controller and Load Generators help?


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Re: LoadRunner/MI istener Best Practices



Install an MI Listener and then use the "Run Over Firewall" configuration. This should  solve the problem. as it would allow all the Load Generator communication from/to the LR Controller to be proxied through the MI Listener. The Agent Configuration on each Load Generator must then be configured to run over firewall, and point to the IP address of the MI Listener machine.


For more information refer to the LoadRunner Controller User Guide > Working with Firewalls. This manual is available on the LR Controller machine in All Programs > HP LoadRunner > Documentation > Controller User Guide