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SIebel web protocol

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SIebel web protocol

I am New to Siebel testing using siebel protocol in vugen please provide me the setting that need to be configured before creating the scripts as i am facing lot of errors while replaying the scrips scenario1 : Creating an service request

Getting following error after recording the script using auto correlation enabled

1.End of file error component doesn't found the object in the pick list
3.Back or Refresh error
Please guide me to create the script and replay it successfully

Thanks in advance
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Re: SIebel web protocol

It is very likely that the script is failing due to missing correlation.

While recording make sure that you have checked the Siebel Rules:
Recording Options > Correlation

Also, certain values like ViewState may need to be correlated manually due to their huge size.

If you still face issues, attach your code and replay logs here.
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Re: SIebel web protocol

Thanks Archanak I resolved this issues by adding some set of rules while creating the scripts and while replaying also Know all my scripts are running perfectly (issues was like it is not correlating the row ids correctly)
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Re: SIebel web protocol



May i know how do solve the back and refresh error?

I am currently facing this error and still figure out how to fix it.