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PC/ALM/Load Gen communications question

Steven Hulse
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PC/ALM/Load Gen communications question

Good day everyone,


I'm about to begin the process of installing and setting up HP Performance Center v11 in my organization and was reading through the Install guide and it said that PC and ALM need to be in the same domain/subnet. I have a question about the load generators, do they also need to be in the same domain/subnet?


For example, let's say we have PC/ALM in the domain/subnet of Taco/ and our load generators are in the domain of Burrito/ Will there be a communications issue even if we ensure the correct ports are opened through our internal firewall and changes made to the ACL to allow the two domains communicate with each other?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: PC/ALM/Load Gen communications question

As long as your firewall rules are good to allow the communications across domains you should be good.


We actually inherited a mix of LGs from other lines of business and had some in the same domain as PC and others in another.