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PC 11.5 install Oracle Client question

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PC 11.5 install Oracle Client question

On page 47 of the 'ALM11.50_PC_Installation.pdf' document it states:


If you are working with an Oracle database, ensure that the Oracle client is installed on the Performance Center Server (with Administrator installation type), and that connectivity has been established with the Oracle Server. Ensure that the

tnsnames.ora file contains the same TNS entry for the source and target database server.


Note: You must install the 32-bit Oracle client installation, regardless of whether you are running the Performance Center Server on a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.


Our DBA is saying that only DBA's have the 'Administrator' install type of the Oracle client.  Does the install guide just mean to install the oracle client 'Run as administrator'?  Can someone maybe provide a link to the Oracle 10 client that needs to be installed?  Our DBA said there is a basic install with sqlplus.  Is that enough?

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Re: PC 11.5 install Oracle Client question

Use sqlplus command and use the user that you used to connect HP ALM. that should be enough to know that Performance Center server is connected to HP ALM.


Also to verify if the connection of the Oracle client make use of tnsping command.

make sure that the listener is started.

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Re: PC 11.5 install Oracle Client question

Only SQL Plus is not sufficient. Docmentation is corrrect. You need to select install type as 'Administrator' during installation. Please refer to second option (Instant, Runtime etc are prone to errors during PC usage)