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LoadRunner and PeopleSoft 9.1

Maureen Co
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LoadRunner and PeopleSoft 9.1

LoadRunner version: 8.1.4

I am trying to create a test script for PeopleSoft 9.1 and I am having problems with
the replay. I am testing the Timesheet entry and whenever the script hits the section that saves the time, I get the logout screen in the replay.

I have done some research on the web and found that the ICSID needs to be correlated. I correlated the ICSID but am getting a "No match found" error. I compared the server responses of the recorded and the replay script. The recorded script has the ICSID, but the replay script was redirected to the Login page where there is no ICSID field.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Re: LoadRunner and PeopleSoft 9.1

use more left and right strings in web_reg_save param ex and

make sure it is before the request is sent where the response sent has ICSID

increase max length of parameter by web_set_max_html_param_len("lengthchangedto");

let e know if that helps