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How to hold the Test for couple of min's

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How to hold the Test for couple of min's

Hi Guys,



The Distribution is


Script_A : 60 Users

Script_B: 35 Users

Script_C:  5   Users



Test Design should be as below:


a)Start Script_A &  Script_B  together ->Go Up to 40 Users  Script_A  & 20 Script_B,

and after ramp up of 60 users hold the test for 15 minutes.


b)Start Script_C-> 5 users ->Hold it for 15 minutes


c)Start adding 20 users for Script_A and 15 Users for Script_B -> Hold it for 10 minutes


Scenario Schedule designed by selecting the Group & distributed the users among 2 scripts.



1.I don’t know how to hold the test for 15 min’s t Script_A &  Script_B  together once, they started?Because as soon as scripts are in ready state and the next state is Run state.I am n't sure how to pause for 15 min's after Rampup ?

Did I understood correctly?Correct me, If I am wrong.


2.I can add  more users for  Script_A &  Script_B   by selecting the Vusers->Add Vusers under the Run tab. Is it Correct?


Please please advise me!




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Re: How to hold the Test for couple of min's

Please refer attached document.


I am not sure if this helps, I tried to understand your situation.


Apart from attached document, I think controller or PC has capability of having execution in paused state for different groups in scenario.


Good Luck!!!


I hope this helps. If yes accept the solution.


Thank You.



Ajay Kumar


Re: How to hold the Test for couple of min's




I want to know couple of things :


1) Say I have to run a Scalability Test (1x, 2x, 3x etc.). Now the test is ramping up from 1x to 2x. During the ramp-up I want to stop the ramp-up & want the test to be running with the current load (whatever it gained till that time).


What could be my option?


2) Assume I hold on the ramp-up & test is running with the current load. Now after 10 minutes again I want the test to ramp-up from where it was stopped.


Is it possible? Or once I pause the ramp-up, the test will go on till completion with the current load only?