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HTTP Status-Code=403 (Forbidden)

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HTTP Status-Code=403 (Forbidden)

I did record and reply  , whilst replay I got the following error - it seems to be show stopper I'm not able to do further.


Can anyone help me out..Million $$$$$$ Thanks in Advance . Pls find the below details.


Action.c(47): Error -26628: HTTP Status-Code=403 (Forbidden) for ""          [MsgId: MERR-26628]


1. WEB-HTTP/HTML protocol was used, this protocol was identified as per the knowledge on the application and protocol Analyser

2. Application has not rendered any value for correlation

3. Tried with set up , Port as winlnet level while recording – error was not resolved

4. About to use web_set_url() function ,this method is useful where proxy , here is  no proxy in the env




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Re: HTTP Status-Code=403 (Forbidden)


I've been facing the same FORBIDDEN Code=403 error. Any help or inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.