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Client Server App Support with Web(HTTP/HTML) Protocol

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Client Server App Support with Web(HTTP/HTML) Protocol

Hi Experts,


In our project there is need to do performance testing on a client server windows based application.

Loadrunner windows sockets protocol can record the application but unfortunately we don’t have the protocol license.


So I am interested to know if there is any other way I can develop a script for the client server windows application which can be supported by Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol. Does anyone have on converting winsock script to web http/html script?


Anyother suggestion is most welcom. I appreciate your help.


Thank you.

Ajay Kumar

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Re: Client Server App Support with Web(HTTP/HTML) Protocol

You have an option to choose application as windows and try pointing to the exe.

But, i don't think LR would record any events since it does recording on protocol layer.

The license won't allow you to run winsock based scripts if you have license for web http/html even if you succeed to convert websock scripts to http script...This is by product design and I think that's the way license is tied to protocol as such.

Let me know, if you succeed to do this! :)
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Re: Client Server App Support with Web(HTTP/HTML) Protocol

Hi Shivaram,


Well said. I was suspecting this. However I could get a way to progress on such situation. I have acquired underlying request message formats which are in SQL queries and MQ messages. So I am going to simulate the requests with raw request format to generate the load to servers and capture server performance matrices. I hope this would work.


Thank you for your response.



Ajay Kumar

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event