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ssh key based login

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Lim Swee Aun
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ssh key based login



Customer uses public/private key pairs for their ssh access to Linux systems.

a. How to configure OO flows (running ssh scripts) to use keys?


in other words:

b.how to setup public/private key pair between OO and Linux system, so that no username/password is needed?


Additional info:

I have managed to configure putty in OO server - on Windows Svr,

to use these keys, so I can putty to target RedHat server without username/login

(by setting up public/private key between putty and RedHat).



SweeAun LIM

BSA PreSales, Singapore.


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Re: ssh key based login



First make sure the key generated form PuttyGen is type SSH-2 RSA or SSH-2 DSA.  The SSH-1 RSA is not supported.


Copy and paste the public key somewhere, you'll need it on the target RedHat server.  Add the string to the .ssh/authroized_keys file of the desired user's home directory.


Export the private key from PuttyGen with the Conversions menu -> "Export OpenSSH Key"


Place this file on the RAS. For the privateKeyFile input, specify the path to this file. User's username is still required. When a privateKeyFile is specified, the password input becomes the passphrase input for the private key file. If no passphrase was specified for the key file, anything can be used in the input.



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Re: ssh key based login

Hi All, I am getting a invalid keyFilePath error. Manually I can able to login but using SSH Shell operator getting the error.



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Re: ssh key based login


I was having the same issue running HPOO 10.22.  The solution was installing PPK file on the Central server.  Works fine.  However, what I'm still unable to get working is using a passphrase with key.  I read that the passphrase is entered in the password field if you have key specified but I cannot get key authentication to work with a passphrase.


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Re: ssh key based login


I am able to run the flows with the keys.

You need to convert the ppk file into Openssh using putty generator, and place that file in RAS.

After that you can able to execute the flows with passphrase.



Chuck Perilli
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Re: ssh key based login

I learned the private key needs to be installed on BOTH central and RAS servers.  I ran the same flow several times and sometimes it ran from central and sometimes from RAS.