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same ssh command is being executed again

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same ssh command is being executed again

Hi All,


I am using HP OO 9.07.


I am authoring a OO Flow to be executed on a Rhel Linux target host.

The Flow has 3 operations as described below.


First operation to ftp the scripts to the target machine

Second operation to run a a pre-req script that does some pre-req settings

Third operation to run the install script that installs a application


I am using SSH command to run the Second and Third operations.


But to my surprise, the command that i am running in Second operation gets executed again in the Third Operation.


No idea why is this happening.


I also tried with Remote Commad operation. Here also same result.


Can someone please help me?  I am struggling to solve this from few days.





Dimiter Todorov
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Re: same ssh command is being executed again

Seen this before,


The SSH or remote command operations will always try to find the "command" variable first before using any constants you define. If you are putting in multiple operations of the same kind the command input from the first operation will by default be passed to the next.


To change this behaviour. Open the command flow variable, then under "Assign From Variable"  select not assigned. Then use the constant string that you like.


Alternatively, you could create custom command names within your flow and assign from those.


Whenever a sub-flow or operation runs, it will pass on any variables that it had to the next step.



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Re: same ssh command is being executed again

Yes this was the issue.

Thanks a lot.