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Workflow in Operation Orchestration

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Workflow in Operation Orchestration

I want to create a work flow in OO, Scenario is mentioned below:


I have one txt file, previous.txt.Now I want to execute one SQL query which will save the result in new.txt file.
Now I want to compare both previous.txt and new.txt file( both files contains some servers).
one by one server from new.txt will be compared with previous.txt. If a server which is there in new.txt also exists in
previous.txt, a new workflow will be called , and if it is not there then it not do anything.

Please let me know if a workflow can be created for this.If yes, then how it can be done and how SQL query can be excuted on a different server and how it will read a txt file.

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Re: Workflow in Operation Orchestration

Yes, this is actually quite an easy flow to create.


You will use the /FileSystem/Windows Only/Read from File, /Databases/SQL/SQL Query and /Utility Operations/Looping/List Iterator operations mostly.


Use two list iterators, one for the previous servers, one for the new servers; check the new server entry against all entries in the previous list. If an entry matches then launch a subflow or new flow, depending on what you wanted to do. After that, or if no entry is matched, return to the top level list iterator and repeat.


Hope that helps.