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Troubleshooting HPOO flows when started from MATRIX

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Troubleshooting HPOO flows when started from MATRIX

I need to know the best way to troubleshoot HPOO flows that are run from MATRIX.  When a server is built I am trying to run an HPOO flow to the DNS server to add the record for the new server.


So far I have an HPOO flow that sets the record successfully.  I read the XML file I saved from MATRIX and it works fine.  I ran into an authentication problem when I run the flow (less the file reading part) at the end of the server MATRIX builds.


My main question is how to troubleshoot flows that fail from MATRIX?  It just says the step failed with no details.  Ideally I'd like to start a flow from MATRIX and then set a break point in HPOO such that I can step through and watch what is happening.  Details of the HPOO failure, including what the variables were is the next best solution.