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If you are not finding a fast answer to your questions in this forum then you should try to post your question in the new Operations Orchestration Support Customer Forum.


In this forum we have our expert team of HP Operations Orchestration Support Engineers actively monitoring these forums to answer your questions.


The prerequisite in accessing this new forum will be a valid support contract. We have created an automatic process, which will check if there is a valid support contract on logon to the community.


Once a valid support contract (SAID or support agreement ID) is linked to a users’ HP Passport account, access to the Operations Orchestration Support should be visible. If access is not granted, please send an email to swcommunity@hp.com and include the valid support contract number along with a company email address and the user’s screen name in the community.  


See attached a document how you can attached your Support agreement ID (SAID) to your HP Passport profile. Also for more information on all of our Product specific Support Customer Forums click here.


We hope we can use this forum to build a closer relationship and help build customers’ knowledge on the Operations Orchestration Support Product. 


Hope to see you in the new forum soon!