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OO integration with service now

Patni INOC
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OO integration with service now



I need to integrate change management(service now ) to OO for vm creation from change request.


We ask the service now team to create a wsdl , and they help it . In wsdl where should i askthe team to dump values or where should i pick the values from ? or how should i do the wsdl any dummy wsdl or any help which be much appreciatable ?


I went on this link  http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/Operations-Orchestration-Support/Has-any-worked-on-HPOO-ServiceNow-Integration/td-p/6277093 but no help


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Gaurav Chatrath

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Re: OO integration with service now

You will need to run the wswizard from the tools folder.  This will create OO subflows which can be used to build your workflows.

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Re: OO integration with service now

First you have to create a flow in OO then call the flow from ServiceNow.


Refer "OO Shell User Guide" & "OO WebServices Guide" for more details.




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Re: OO integration with service now



 I am the author of earlier post. The integration is very simple and pretty straight forward. Go to below link , get WSDL file


https://<name of instance>.service-now.com/change_request.do?WSDL


After this , go to HPOO server and go to "C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Operations Orchestration\Studio\tools" path. Here you can see wswizard.exe , just open and select saved wsdl from system. It will create HPOO operations for servcenow. So you can update,insert,getRecords etc... from servicenow change table . And in similar way import HPOO WSDL in servicenow using below link 


https://<IP address>:8443/PAS/services/WSCentralService?wsdl


So, from servicenow you can trigger HPOO workflow using UI actions. Please refer HPOO admin guide for more details about WSDL integration.


Let me know if you have any queries.