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No Table in MySQL SChema for HP OO Central 9.00

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No Table in MySQL SChema for HP OO Central 9.00



I'am testing HP's Orchestration Solution and i have an issue with the installation of Central and the link with his MySQL DB.


Actually during the installation steps of Central the link is ok, but at the end i have none of the 27 tables created in my Schema.


For the requirement i think i got everything :

- Running on a Win2k8R2 server

- .net framework 2.0 SP1 and 3.5 installed

- ASP.NET installed trough ISS Activation (I installed only ASP and his dependencies for the server manager)

- MySQL 5.5.25 with MySQL GUI Tools (Not MySQL Workbench)

- Visual C++ 2010 for both x86 and x64


For the MySQL installation i checked the InstallGuide.pdf and set Multilingual Support with UTF-8 as aked.


For the DB and User creation i tried either by using command line or the GUI


CREATE USER 'oouser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'oopwd';

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON oodata.*TO oouser@localhost ;


Then i launch the Central installer and make the connection with oodata


host: localhost

port: 3306 (I checked firewall exception during MySQL installation for this port)

DB: oodata

user: oouser

pwd: oopwd

Flagged Create or recreate schema


The installation goes without a problem, nut when i go check oodata there is no table created.


This is each step and requirement i made, but i still don't understand what go wrong. I check some topics here but without getting an answer.


Right now i'am checking logs again to see if i missed a point, but an advice would be much appreciated :)






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Re: No Table in MySQL SChema for HP OO Central 9.00



I faced the same issue last week. I wondered what could have went wrong as no indication of any such. Like you, I even tried going through the command line client for creating the DB and user.


When I change the mysql 5.5 to mysql 5.1  it worked all well without changing any of the steps. I assumed there is some problem with HP 9.00 + Mysql 5.5 combination. This could be very false assumption, but it worked for me. I could have digged in more as to why it ididn't work with 5.5, but that may deviate me from the primary task, so I left it.


The solution is Use "Mysql 5.1  instead of Mysql 5.5 "





Murali Krishnan

Murali krishnan
Project Lead | Enterprise Automation Systems
CenturyLink Technologies
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Re: No Table in MySQL SChema for HP OO Central 9.00



Thanks for the answer, going to check that asap.


I'll keep an update for the results.




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