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Modify VMware Guest Boot Order?

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Modify VMware Guest Boot Order?

I am preparing to develop a flow that clones a VMware guest from a Template. One of the steps will be to ensure that the system is set to boot from the network because my intention is to run a build plan against the machine through Server Automation.

Once the build plan finishes I would need to change the boot order once again so that it will boot from the local disk by default.

I am working with the Virutalization 1.0.129 content pack, and although I find an operation "Edit VM Boot Options" it doesn't contain any mention of changing the VMs boot order, and I can't find any other operation that does.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to otherwise use OO to modify the boot order of a VM?

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Re: Modify VMware Guest Boot Order?

I'll add a "me to" here.  Sortof.


We deploy VM's using HP-SA more for testing than anything else, but also to populate our VM templates that are used to deploy VM's without HP-SA.


I found the default boot order to be sufficient to deploy an empty VM.  For a VM with an OS already installed, I wrote a subflow that captures the VM's disk drive information, removes the disk drive and adds a new one with the same parameters as the original.  It's not elegant, but it allows the VM to boot from lan using the default boot order.


Certainly, a flow step that can adjust the boot order of a VM would be a much better solution!


hope that helps!