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Missing result fields in HP OO 9.00

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Missing result fields in HP OO 9.00



I'm struggling with a very annoying issue in the Studio. There are some operations (marked in red in the navigation panel on the left side) where some result fields are missing when my studio is connected to the local repository but when I work on the public / remote rep everything works fine.

Furthermore many built-in flows, sample flows are also unexecutable and in red due to missing result fields in the local rep.


Has anyone noticed it? Is there any solution or recommendation to sort it out?





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Re: Missing result fields in HP OO 9.00

Is this a standalone installation of Studio? If it is you need to have the Local Repository opened and then do a sync to the Central repository and bring down all the in-built OO content. The local repository is unpatched and needs the new content. Your current content does not match that of Central and thus the ActionTemplates (which store ResultFields) don't line up.


If it is Studio running on a Central, but was installed after Central was patched, you can either do the same as above or repatch Central. The installer will recognise Central is up to date and will just patch Studio.


Hope that helps.

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Re: Missing result fields in HP OO 9.00


we encounter the same issue when publishing flows from an existing repository to a new setup central server - running in the same version as the source central server. Studio doesn't show the result fields for provided operations like /Operations/HTTP Client/Http Client Post Raw. The base installation of the new central server is already affected by the problem.

Could you please describe the necessary steps to solve this in more detail?

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Re: Missing result fields in HP OO 9.00

Hi Balazs,

When I read thread it came to my mind that you have some workflows you have with missing operations.

Each workflow steps are based on certain OO Operations, if you have a flow without the related Operations it will show as red.


Ensure that you use "copy deep" and paste then compare the operations listed with the local repository.


You may also ensure when exporting a workflow to Check "HP OO Contents" as this exports the OO operations used by your workflow.



Check Studio_AuthorsGuide.pdf file page 161 for export options.


Ensure that your HP OO server is updated with the latest patches to avoid unknown behaviors.

Mahmoud Ibrahim
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