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How to work with JSON in OO

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How to work with JSON in OO


in my OO flows I need to process XML as well as JSON documents.

While I found and I'm using the powerful XPath and XSL Transformation on XML files, I did not find any similarly powerful solution for JSON documents in OO.


Is there some JSON alternative to XPath or XQuery? Like JSONPath?



Petr Panuska

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Re: How to work with JSON in OO

Hi Petr 


The alternative is indeed JSONPath. And you can easily make this work yourself in a few steps:

  1. Copy the Do Nothing operation to your own project and call it something like "JSONPath Query"
  2. Delete the inputs (if there are any) and create two new required inputs: "jsonString", "jsonPathExpr"
  3. Copy the JS code found via: http://goessner.net/articles/JsonPath/ to the scriptlet part of your new operation.
  4. Then add these lines to the end of the scriptlet:
    scriptletResponse = "success";
    scriptletResult = jsonPath(JSON.parse(jsonString),jsonPathExpr);
  5. You can also add a bit of code for changing the response if the search is unsuccessful etc. 


We are considering adding this type of functionality in future version of OO.





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Re: How to work with JSON in OO

Hi Emil


I am in OO 9.07

I tried the scriplet and I got an error :


                           ReferenceError: "JSON" is not defined


Is it possible to download and add JSON to OO ?

Thank you



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Re: How to work with JSON in OO

Hi Jacques,


If you look at the scriptlet code of an operation in [/Library/Utility Operations/Containers/JSON] you will see a one-liner piece of code that defines the "JSON" object that Emil is referencing.


Copy that code into your jsonPath scriptlet before attempting to use the JSON object.