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HPOO/SA run script as local Administrator

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HPOO/SA run script as local Administrator



we have integrated CSA/OO/SA to automatic deploy VM's. Everything is working properly, but there is one problem: adding Windows systems to Active Directory.

Script uses PowerShell commands and is prepared on SA. Is marked to run as Super User. Script has user password in hash.

SA agent is working on Local System account. When script is run on  this account, it fails. When is run on Administrator account, it connects Windows to domain. So we have to run  this script as Administrator account.

In OO script is starting with standard "SA Run Script" flow which uses "Start Server Script" operation. This operation has params:





I set values for this params, but after run script fails - it is ran as Local System account, not Administrator. Jobs in SA confirm it - Run as Local System.


I'm really new in OO/SA systems, I don't know what should I check?

OO: 9.07

SA: 10.01


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Re: HPOO/SA run script as local Administrator

Ok, I got it. As I wrote, I'm new here.

OO flows are imported to CSA. All flows except mine. After import this flow everything is working properly.