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HPOO 10 RAS Configuration

Jonathan Feutz

HPOO 10 RAS Configuration

So setting up OO 10.


          Multiple Networks:
                       10 Firewalled Networks (DMZs)

                        3 General Networks

                       Have both Unix and Windows System in all networks


 Putting Windows and Linux Ras Clusters in each network.

 HowTo: Configure Integration/Content Packs to use RAS Clusters in Each environment.

From what I've read you change the Operations to point at a Group Alias for each Ras Cluster.  Seems to create a ton of work unless I'm reading wrong.

According to the instructions, For EVERY operation you're suppose to set the RAS to a Group Alias. Then in central link that Group Alias to the RAS Group you want the flow to run on. I have 13 different networks in a large corporation. So it sounds like I have to make 13 copies of each operation and  set to the  different RAS Group Alias.

For Example Sake, Say I want to be able to run the Base Content Pack Flow, 'Get Average CPU Load' in every network. It sounds Like I have to Make 13 Different copies of this flow and its children operations pointing at each of the Group Aliases. Thats one flow... Seems very maintenance heavy.  Is there a better way to do this.



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Re: HPOO 10 RAS Configuration

You dont need to do that, as there is a convenient short cut: You can set a variable in the context (current subflow) that makes all operations choose a specific Worker Group Alias - or - you can set a global variable that makes every subsequent operation go to that specific group.


So the concept would be to have a reusable subflow that can, based on the target hostname, determine which Worker Group Alias to use, and then set the Override variables as needed.


We have created a tutorials for this type of flows. It is available from the OO Community front page:



Look for "Worker Groups in OO 10".





PS: why are you deploying both a Linux and a Windows RAS in each DMZ? 


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