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HP OO Running RSflowinvoke

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HP OO Running RSflowinvoke



I need to run RSflowinvoke to run a flow on HP OO,

I know how to write its syntax and I have found the application on the tools folder, but have no idea how to use it.

I just wanted to make sure it works locally before trying to run it as a script from outside HP OO.


any idea how to make this work?



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Re: HP OO Running RSflowinvoke



If you know the syntax, where is the problem ?


Steps to test that locally:


1. Log-in to your OO machine 

2. Open cmd.exe (by start->run->type 'cmd')

3. Type :  cd <folder path of the RSflowinvoke tool> - use quotes becasude the path contain spaces [default path: C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Operations Orchestration\Studio\tools]

4.  run the command:
RSFlowInvoke.exe -host <oo host>:<oo port -usually 8443> -u <oo_user> -p <oo_pass> -flow <flow uuid or flow name>



Example (in this example the flow does not have any input):


C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Operations Orchestration\Studio\tools>RSFlowInvoke.exe -host localhost:8443 -u admin -p admin -flow 0fcb8981-6306-4eec-af53-2b7e5f27d656 -asynch


you can get the flow uuid from the studio [open flow-> properties tab]



Full details about tool usage:



--Invoke Flow--

RSFlowInvoke.exe <url> [-host -flow -inputs <inputs> -u -p -a -ep -rc -rw -t
-v -verbose]
-host <host>
-flow <flow> name or uuid
-inputs <inputs> name=value&name2=value2
-u <username>
-p <password>
-ep <encrypted password>
-async starts the flow, but returns without waiting for the run to complete
-a <authType>[Basic, Digest]
-t <timeout out (seconds)> default=100
-v || -verbose all output is written to the screen
-rc <retry count> default=0 max=30
-rw <retry wait (seconds)> default=5

This program's return code can be used to determine the outcome of the invoca
tion, below is a list of the return codes:
0 - The flow was run. This code makes no guarantees as to the flow's res
1 - Central responded with HTTP code 503, this normally means it lacks t
he resources needed to run the flow.
2 - An Unknown internal server error occurred in Central.
3 - RSFlowInvoke was unable to authenticate against Central.
4 - The specified flow was not found, or the supplied URL was not found.

5 - A Socket Timeout occurred
6 - An unknown socket (Communication) error occurred.
7 - An unknown error occurred.

RSFlowInvoke.exe https://localhost:8443/PAS/services/http/list -u ofadmin -p
RSFlowInvoke.exe -host localhost -flow "Library/My Ops Flows/My Flow" -inputs
host=host1&value=truck -u ofadmin - p password