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HP 00 9.07 Question about SQL

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HP 00 9.07 Question about SQL

I know pretty much nothing about how SQL is configured, and even less when it comes to HP 00.  So apoligies for being a simpleton here.....




Documentation I have access to indicates MS SQL 2008 SP1.  Our SQL team indicated yes, but would rather do MS SQL 2012.  Will it run with the later version or should I insist on 2008 SP1?


Amazing what happens when you have the correct documentation....  2012 is supported......





The SQL team needs to understand how to size the SQL database.  They indicated "memory" "Drive Space" and  "number of users".


I can't find any information on either metric.  Only the version.  We will be provided an SQL instance, it will not be installed on either of the machines....


Memory - ???

Drive Space - 4 to 8 GB was suggested by someone that I work with.

Number of users -


If anyone could help answer these or better yet tell me what document they may be located I would greatly appreciate it!


-Brad K