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Automation For Oracle DDL scripts

Patni INOC
Occasional Advisor

Automation For Oracle DDL scripts

Hi All,


We are working on one of the flows which says read the script and work accordingly and wait to see if we get any exceptions. In that client have ask us to read the script and find out if drop and truncate, if it exist then it would fail and also if we get any exception it should fail .

Can u suggest which operation can help us in reading the script,

and also how can we define conditions to read executions?
Thanks to all in advance.

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Re: Automation For Oracle DDL scripts

You requirement is confusing.......


Do you want to read the content of a file & match a command/word in that file.

If yes, then you have to write a script to read the content of the file, once the expected word (DROP, TRUNCATE, etc.) is matched then output "success" else "fail".

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event