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HP SHR 9.30 DB creation fails

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HP SHR 9.30 DB creation fails

Hi all



I'm trying to get a trial install of HP SHR 9.30 going in order to see whether the reporting capability will meet a customer's requirements for BSM OMi events.

The install itself went fine, but going through the configuration wizard and getting to step 3, it always fails when trying to create the DB.


I've tried following some of the troubleshooting steps, but just thought I'd ask here as well in case anyone came across this before.


Thanks in advance.



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Re: HP SHR 9.30 DB creation fails

Maybe just to ask a different question, one of my customers needs to be able to pull monthly reports on all OMi events. As far as I know, there's no way to do this in BSM, unless the report is pulled by manually exporting closed events to a CSV file (and will not be feasible).

Is installing SHR the absolute only way of being able to pull any meaningful reports on OMi events, or is there a less cumbersome solution to this?

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Re: HP SHR 9.30 DB creation fails


The error may occur due to lack of permissions. Please check if you have full permissions on folder


Also, edit the pmdbconfig.cfg file and verify if the  <databaseserver> instance was created correctly.


If needed, correct it here.


Hope this helps,

Siggi Gladitsch
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Re: HP SHR 9.30 DB creation fails



I thought you can do this via Custom Query Builder, sample type Event, but after further looking at it, it seems this is about SiteScope events only, not BSM/OMi events.

Another option would be to query the OPR database directly (I guess that's what SHR would do as well).


We cannot tell you anything about the table layout, but the names should be self-explaining.


For example,

 SELECT top 10 *FROMALL_EVENTS where state='CLOSED'order by time_created desc

would return the last / newest 10 events which have been closed.





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Re: HP SHR 9.30 DB creation fails

Thanks PatWest and Siggi Gladitsch.

I know OMi is understandably limited, but I can't grasp the reporting capability on it being as limited as it is.
Really hoping that the reporting around OMi is vastly improved in a future release of BSM.

Back to the issue though, I'll look into both SHR and direct DB querying further, will provide feedback as soon as we've made some progress.

Thanks again for the help so far, appreciate it.
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Re: HP SHR 9.30 DB creation fails

Hi Siggi Gladitsch



Your advice has proven extremely useful... Thanks for helping, appreciate it.


Re: HP SHR 9.30 DB creation fails



I had same problem about SHR9.3 management DB creation has failed, It can't resolved.

could you help me?




Ivan Kovac_1
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Re: HP SHR 9.30 DB creation fails


how did you solve issue? I have the same problem.