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snmpCollect error message

Guy Montreuil
New Member.

snmpCollect error message

I get the following message in the snmpCollec log file:

05/25/00 01:05:24 trgfh1.ca.nortel.com doesn't reply to a 3 object
PDU, but responds to sysUpTime. Be sure SNMP timeouts are
not set too small (SNMP interval: 1.00s retry: 7).

I do not get data for that node from snmpCollect. I'm assiming that this message explains why. Can someone explain what this means and how to resolve this problem

Thanks a lot
Albert E. Whale
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Re: snmpCollect error message

I'm a little lost as too what is being requested here. First off, your retries of 7 is Way TOO high, try 2 or 3. Your timeout I would leave alone, or increase to 2. That's your call.

It almost looks like the 3 object PDU is some type of Polling taking place for the device. Is the device at the most current Version of the IOS?

What happens when you demand poll the device?

Do you have the MIBs loaded for this device?
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