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Storage Mirroring - Application Manager Exchange 2007

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Storage Mirroring - Application Manager Exchange 2007



Our exchange server is protected using storage manager and application manager. I have test the failover/failback buttons in our test environment and everything worked well.


I need to test our DR exchange server as part of our new quarterly test regime and it seems a lot of trouble and time to click the failover button just to see if I can open a mailbox from the DR Exchange server. I would have to alert the business of the outage, hope the failover works correctly, then fail it back over to production exchange server.


I know which parts in AD I have to change for the user using ADSIedit and I for DNS ill just put a host file entry on the desktop I am testing from to point host name of Production exchange server to IP of DR exchange server. I am not concerned about mail flow from the outside world because external mail hits a trend SPAM server first. I think I'm pretty close to getting this to working(playing in TEST environment) I just need to know what else I need to configure to get this working without clicking on the Failover button.


There must be a way to do this because from what I can tell all the failover button does is run a powershell script that modifies a few things in AD and DNS. I just need to know what so i can perform these manually.


Thanks in advance.






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