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SNMP variable bindings in VPO

Nick Bedford
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SNMP variable bindings in VPO

I am trying to use an automatic action to send a snmptrap to another management server. This does work, however they are picked up using <$MSG_TEXT>, and this expands the variables into the .private.enteprises.(etc).. format instead of keeping them in the numerical .1.3.6... format which the other management server needs. How can these be kept in the numerical format?

Also <$MSG_GRp>, <$MSG_OBJECT> and <$MSG_APPL> don't seem to be picked up at all even though they have these values in the VPO browser, any thoughts?
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Re: SNMP variable bindings in VPO

Hello Nick,

do you run ITO5.x? I seem to remember having
that problem there (and with the instruction
text interfaces), too.

Regarding your "snmptrap" I do not see the
problem... If you have loaded all the MIBs
to show the names instead of the OIDs, then
"snmptrap" should be able to use them, too.

Just my ?0.02,