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ManageX unable to delete records

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ManageX unable to delete records

Hello all,

I'm having trouble deleting records from the ManageX Web Event browser. I have ManageX 4.23 on Windows2000. In the beginning it was working just fine but after a week or so we noticed that we could not delete any records.

Note that once I hit the delete button I don't get any error messages but the delete does not work.

Does someone know anything about this?

Tassos Tsotsoros
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: ManageX unable to delete records

This problem may be related to a language localisation problem.
Try changing the language of the logged on user on the IIS server (or if no user is logged onto the IIS server then the default language of the NT system running IIS) and the language of the IE browser to be the same. i.e. US English

o Are you just selecting Admin > Delete Records?
o What language version of ManageX are you using?
o What is the default language of the IIS server?
o What is the default language of the user logged onto the IIS server?
o Is this an upgrade from a previous version of ManageX Web Event Browser?

Do you also have problems when trying to search for records using time and date fields?
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Re: ManageX unable to delete records


Indeed the problem seems to be a localisation problem. When I see the Web browser in debug mode I get an error that the greek format date is not a valid date.

Also you are right that I have problems when searching for records.

However even if I change the localisation of the system to Enlish US I still see the dates in the browser in Greek date format. Have in mind that in the MMC console I the date is correct. How can I change the localisation of the dates shown in the W.E.B. ?

This installation is not an upgrade. It's a fresh installation. Regarding the language version of MgX, to tell you the truth I wasn't aware MgX was available in many language versions but mine seems to be the English version. How can I check?

Thank you very much for your help so far.