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ManageX migration to W2K?

Maurice van Hee
Super Collector

ManageX migration to W2K?


What do I need to migrate MX 4.21 WinNT console with NT managed servers to W2K console and servers?
Do I need 4.23? Which LTU's do I need? Etc.

my email address: maurice.vanhees@getronics.com

Re: ManageX migration to W2K?

Hi Maurice.
You don't need anything to migrate ManageX from WNT to W2K since ManageX 4.21 supports WNT console and W2K agents.
I will suggest to migrate to ManageX 4.23 but keeping your console with Windows NT, that's because I make some tests with ManageX on a W2K server and the performance wasn't so good as having on a Windows NT machine.

Hope this helps.

Alfonso F
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