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IOPS 2-11: Unable to upload queue file to

LeRoy Price
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IOPS 2-11: Unable to upload queue file to

I just did an install of the Ovis 5.2 product and was able to get things running. However, we want to use SSL.

So I used the steps in the User Ref guide in the back for a Server Cert which I obtained. I adjusted the dlls as mentioned in the instructions. I tested the web site that it mentions and got the blank screen. I did get an error but had to use the FQDN to make it work and not get the security screen.

I exported the Server Cert and the CA Cert. It does not mention in the insturction if you need to clean the entire trusted.txt file and only place these 2 certs in with a begin and end to each.

I restarted the internet services service and started the Config manager and made the change to use SSL and port 443, which is defined. After saving the config I get the Upload error in the error.log. The Probe Info is red, this was working without using regular port 80.

Doesn't look like it can upload. Why? can anyone help?