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HP Openview 4.4.2 routing?

Darren McCabe
New Member.

HP Openview 4.4.2 routing?

Hi all and thanks for at least reading this.

We recently installed OpenView Storage Mirroring on 3 Windows 2000 servers.

The idea is to replicate these 3 servers to 3 more servers with the software on in a datacentre.

However we are having strange network problems, after looking into it it appears that our servers have had some routes added to them which are interfering. These routes are directly related to the servers in the datacentre.

I have tried removing the routes using ROUTE DELETE XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX but they dispear and then come back again automatically.

My question is does HP openview add the routes itself? or what is making these routes come back?





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