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DB-SPI cannot connect to database timeout

Alfred J
Honored Contributor.

DB-SPI cannot connect to database timeout

What is, or how can I find out, the timeout value used to generate this message?
"DBSPI-0001.3: DB-SPI cannot connect to database db_name, may be down; Oracle error [ORA-01013:_user_requested_cancel_of_current_operation]."

Is it the same 300 seconds as it says in the follwoing message?
"DBSPI10-24: Connect attempt to database 'db_name' timed out after 300 seconds. Please check database."

If so, where is the 300 seconds defined and can it be changed?

The monitor template triggering this uses the command:
"dbspicao -c DBSPI-Ora-05min-Favorites -m 1..."

Atakan Ucar
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: DB-SPI cannot connect to database timeout

Hi Alfred,
DBSPI-0001 is an Oracle metric which is waiting a value from an external program. External program (dbspicao) is triggered by a Scheduled task template. There are a few Scheduled task templates to run dbspicao program at different times, with different metrics. One runs every 5 mins, another one runs hourly, daily etc.

DBSPI-0001 metric is by default included in 5-min template (as you already wrote) so "300 seconds" is defined in that policy.
If you want to change the interval to 1 hour, then move metric-1 to 1-hour template.
If you want to change the schedule for example to 2 mins, then create a new template (named DBSPI-Ora-02min-Favorites), then schedule it to every 2 minutes, and run "dbspicao -c DBSPI-Ora-02min-Favorites -m 1". You must also remove metric 1 from 5-min template.

DBSPI10-24 is produced by a DBSPI program itself, to inform an internal error. Like other internal errors, it is intercepted by a unique Open Message Interface template (i think it is named DBSPI-Messages)

Alfred J
Honored Contributor.

Re: DB-SPI cannot connect to database timeout

Thanks for the reply, but I still don't know what the real timeout value is. I understand the monitor runs every 5 minutes, but I don't know at what timeout value the monitor will return an error.