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Problem command trendcopy


Problem command trendcopy

Hi Everyone,


I've command  /ovpi/bin/trendcopy -t RT_MIEP_AGENT:RT_MIEP_AGENT -s cnpmp1 -S cnpmc1 [rc=151]

ussually this command running smoothly, but I view log following there.


Module Errors for [trend_proc_launch]



Commands failing.:-


 /ovpi/bin/trendcopy -t RT_MIEP_AGENT:RT_MIEP_AGENT -s cnpmp1 -S cnpmc1 [rc=151]                    [       1]

 /ovpi/bin/trendcopy -t RT_MIEP_APN:RT_MIEP_APN -s cnpmp1 -S cnpmc1 [rc=151]                        [       1]

 /ovpi/bin/trendcopy -t RT_MIEP_HOST:RT_MIEP_HOST -s cnpmp1 -S cnpmc1 [rc=151]                      [       1]

 /ovpi/bin/trendcopy -t RT_MIEP_HTTP:RT_MIEP_HTTP -s cnpmp1 -S cnpmc1 [rc=151]                      [       1]

 /ovpi/bin/trendcopy -t RT_MIEP_VG:RT_MIEP_VG -s cnpmp1 -S cnpmc1 [rc=11]                           [       1]

 /ovpi/bin/trendcopy -t R_MIEP_AVAIL:R_MIEP_AVAIL -s cnpmp1 -S cnpmc1 [rc=169]                      [       1]

 /ovpi/bin/trendcopy -t R_MIEP_CS:R_MIEP_CS -s cnpmp1 -S cnpmc1 [rc=11]                             [       1]

 /ovpi/bin/trendcopy -t R_MIEP_CU:R_MIEP_CU -s cnpmp1 -S cnpmc1 [rc=169]                            [       1]

 /ovpi/bin/trendcopy -t R_MIEP_DNS_LOOK:R_MIEP_DNS_LOOK -s cnpmp1 -S cnpmc1 [rc=169]                [       1]

 /ovpi/bin/trendcopy -t R_MIEP_F5_MEM:R_MIEP_F5_MEM -s cnpmp1 -S cnpmc1 [rc=151]                    [       1]

 /ovpi/bin/trendcopy -t R_MIEP_F5_TPUT_DTA:R_MIEP_F5_TPUT_DTA -s cnpmp1 -S cnpmc1 [rc=151]          [       1]


Could you tell me about this problem?




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Re: Problem command trendcopy

Your question is related to OVPI and therefore should be posted in the OV Performance Management Forum (http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/OV-Performance-Management-Forum/bd-p/itrc-166).


HP Performance Anywhere is a different product by HP.

If you want to learn more about Performance Anywhere, you can read more about it here- http://www8.hp.com/us/en/software-solutions/monitor-web-application-performance.html




Nick Paine
Micro Focus Expert

Re: Problem command trendcopy

Check the trend.log for the specific error that the trendcopy command is giving or run one of the commands manually in debug mode.


As these trendcopy commands appear to be for rate tables, I would guess that they are run regularly.  If so, are you still getting the error or did it occur just once?  If just once, then trendcopy will recover and there is unlikely to be any data loss.