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OVPI SNMP Discovery Error

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OVPI SNMP Discovery Error

Hi All,

When i try to do SNMP discovery from management console OVPI is not able to retrieve any IP. It shows Network Discovery Complete but lists no IP.
And if try to discover using trend_discover i am receiving "ORACLE 7 server is not supported" error.Wheras i have Oracle 10 installed on my server.
I have not istalled any report pack as yet.

Please help in this regard ...

Brenda Kononen
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Re: OVPI SNMP Discovery Error

The error with Oracle is odd. What version of PI are you running and with what service pack? You might check with support but I don't think Oracle 10 is officially supported until PI 5.2.

That said, try installing the Common Properties report pack then trying the SNMP discovery. So much of PI is tied to those table that there may be an unknown dependency.

I'm assuming that you've already verified that your devices are reachable from the PI server, that you have a valid read community string, etc.

If you've taken the PI Admin 1 class, there is a nice troubleshooting list to ensure that you can reach your devices.