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Glance and perfstat for all users.

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Glance and perfstat for all users.

Hi OV experts,


I got some newly built servers added to my environment. The commands glance and perfstat works fine for root user. But for normal users it fails.




sh: glance: Execute permission denied.



sh: perfstat: Execute permission denied.


-r-sr-xr--   1 root       bin        1426720 May 12  2010 glance


-r-xr-xr--   1 root       bin          52682 Aug 12  2009 perfstat



Is there a OV command/utility that make glance and perfstat available for all users?




Do I have to change the execute permissions of the corresponding files under /opt/perf/bin/ dorectory?



Thanks in advance.



Vimal Kumar.V

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Re: Glance and perfstat for all users.

You will need to change the execute permissions on the binaries.


All files under /opt/perf/bin have the same permissions as below:


          -r-xr-xr-x   1 root       bin          54279 Aug 23  2012 perfstat


Not sure why this is changed on your system, but you need to set permissions back in order to have all normal users be able to run glance/OVPA

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