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Generating daily and weekly reports in OVPI 5.41

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Generating daily and weekly reports in OVPI 5.41

Hi All,


can anyone here help me to identify the way we can generate daily and weekly reports in OVPI.


We are looking for Interface Utilization report and device utilization report on daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Below is the way report hould be:


Hourly Report shows--->one aggregated value of every hour in a day(polling frequency is 5 minutes so aggregation of 12 values should show single value for that hour.)


Daily Report shows----->One aggregated value by aggregating 24 values i.e. hourly report and show single value of that day for that one particular device.


same way for weekly and monthly.


Hourly and daily is required urgently...


can anyone help me to find the way to this...


Thanks in advance!!






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