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CPU & Memory utilization report weekly

sagar Bhattacha
Regular Collector

CPU & Memory utilization report weekly

HI ,


I have installed OVPI 5.41 and system resource report pack, I am getting CPU memory report daily and hourly but unable to get weekly and monthly.


So could you help me how to generate CPU & memory utilization report weekly and monthly , if possible step by step .





Sagar Bhattacharya



Honored Contributor

Re: CPU & Memory utilization report weekly


I don't feel there is any table for weekly and monthly.

Assign Kudo, if found post useful and mark it accepted if solves the issue.
sekar sundaram
Esteemed Contributor

Re: CPU & Memory utilization report weekly

I am not sure of this issue.. and i tried to read the manual(User guide - System Resource Report Pack

For the Windows®, HP-UX, Solaris, and Linux operating systems
Software Version: 4.52
HP Performance Insight 5.41 )...


and found this...:


System Resource Report Pack
The reports in System Resource will help you anticipate resource issues before they become
serious. You will know whether resources are plentiful, limited, or somewhere in between, and
you will be able to make useful comparisons. For example, you can look at hourly utilization
levels for yesterday, and if something does not look quite right, you can easily compare
yesterday’s performance to weekly and monthly trends.

Occasional Contributor

Re: CPU & Memory utilization report weekly

1) What certainly do you need ? You can use Builder to change timeperiod of the Graph in Options. For Example, pic1 in attachments.

2) Do you have data for graph ? May be you need to change Pooling Policy? Pic2.

sagar Bhattacha
Regular Collector

Re: CPU & Memory utilization report weekly

HI expert ,


Thanks for your information,


I want to create teel file  along with data table in the OVPI database  where store weekly and monthly data. I have change the time frame but it is only show only 4 days data.


So I need steps which will help me to create teel and data table in the ovpi .





Honored Contributor

Re: CPU & Memory utilization report weekly

Hi Sagar,

I do not suppose it possible as there is no such report pack which summarized data for weekly or monthly table.
You should ask for same.
At DB end you may ask you DBA to write the sql procedure to sum and average the data from day table to weekly/monthly table.

Assign Kudo, if found post useful and mark it accepted if solves the issue.
Nick Paine
HPE Expert

Re: CPU & Memory utilization report weekly

The daily SR CPU data table - SD_SR_CPU has a default retention period of 150 days so you can adjust the time periods in your daily reports to look at daily data going back 150 days (if it exists).


Alternatively you can create trend_sum *.sum files to summarize the daily data to a weekly and monthly level.  When the trend_sum is run for the first time, it will automatically create the destination table if it does not already exist.


Therefore based on the existing SD_SR_CPU.sum file you could create a weekly summarization file SW_SR_CPU.sum as:


source table:SD_SR_CPU
destination table:SW_SR_CPU



by variable:week


And then create the weekly table and summarize the data with:


trend_sum -f {DPIPE_HOME}/scripts/SW_SR_CPU.sum


See the PI Reference Guide for details about trend_sum.


Once you have data in the weekly table, you can modify/create reports using Builder to look at the data.  See the PI Building and Viewing Reports Guide for details.


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event