TrimWatcher fails at install

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TrimWatcher fails at install

Was not sure wether to put this here or in SDK. But I have had a couple of instances where trimwatcher will fail to install. From memory the error message is something like cannot find c:\program files\trim\ trimwatcher ect ect


This doesnt halt the install but im just wondering what sort of implications this might have on functionality in the future.


From what I have read trim watcher monitors open close functions of office doucments for the SDK but could this also effect ODMA operations also?





Re: TrimWatcher fails at install

I have seen this a couple of times while doing some testing of TRIM 6.24.1226 installations on 64 bit W7.  My guess as to what's happening is that 32-bit programs are being installed into the \Program Files (x86)\ folder and something in the installer is coded to look only in \Program Files\.

The two error messages I've seen for TRIMWatcher during the install are:  "Windows cannot find" and "Could not Execute the external program."

I can confirm too that the install does proceed and TRIM seems to work, but I'd like to know if there is a problem lurking.



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Re: TrimWatcher fails at install

The error you're talking about is not something that's expected or normal behaviour, and may lead to issues so I'd suggest logging a support call with all relevant environmental details so HP can help you troubleshoot it. Watcher does things like monitor when a desktop authoring application e.g. Word has control of a document (and when it releases control) to allow automatic checking back in of the document.


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Re: TrimWatcher fails at install

Thanks Neil

I was afraid of that.. This is not the first time I have encountered this(and guessing not the last) Thing is I cant pinpoint the cause.. Just some sites dont like trimwatcher.

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