CSV - TRIM - Windows7

Luke Jones
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CSV - TRIM - Windows7

Windows 7 has lost the ability to easily modify the file assocation actions. I recall it being moderatly simple to modify the 'edit action' in XP.

The problem we have now is that TRIM ( - and will be for a few more months yet) uses the 'edit' action to send files to their applications. Windows7 appears to treat CSV files as Txt, thus sending them to notepad. So when a user trys to edit a TRIM registered CSV file, it opens in notepad rather than Excel.

I have managed to modify the registry to change this behaviour, so CSV files are edited by excel, but it has flow on affects. If I make this change, then all txt files are then opened in Excel! This may be a suitable solution for many users but not all.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Luke Jones
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Re: CSV - TRIM - Windows7

If users press the View button in TRIM it opens in Excel, but does not check it out of TRIM.


So the two workarounds that I have identifed mean either a many step process of resaving over the existing record, or the dodgey reg hack to change the edit association.


Maybe I should just check how many CSVs we have registered and if it is confied to a small group the workarounds might be good enough.

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Re: CSV - TRIM - Windows7

Windows 7 no longer supports an interface for setting file association actions. You must hack the registry.
Richard Kelly_7
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Re: CSV - TRIM - Windows7

You can still associate file extensions with programs in Windows 7 without touching the registry.


Open Explorer.

Right click on a file and choose "Open With" (if there is already an association) or "Open" (if not - and "Open With" does not appear).

Choose the program you want to open the file with (bear in mind the somewhat "concealed" option to expand the list of other programs (The little down arrow on the right of the line) - or the browse button.


Don't forget to check the "Always Use the selected program....." tick-box and press OK.   All future "opening" of files of this type - including from TRIM will use the selected program.


At least it does on my systems and I don't think there is any general IT policy associated with this.

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Luke Jones
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Re: CSV - TRIM - Windows7

Thanks Richard, but its the 'edit' action that needs to be modified. The windows interface only lets you change the 'open' action.


A way to test is to have the file on the desktop, right click and the context menu has an open and edit option. With CSVs, open goes to excel and edit goes to notepad.


If anyone is interested: has a nice gui app to change this easily.


or just add this reg hack: (For what ever version of office you have)


@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\Office12\\EXCEL.EXE\" \"%1\""