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Tell us what you think of the new IT Experts hub!

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Tell us what you think of the new IT Experts hub!

Hi all,


We wanted to let you know the HP Software IT Experts Community has a whole new look!


We’ve revamped the front page to create an easy-to-use information hub that puts all the resources enterprise-level IT practitioners need for their jobs right at their fingertips. Now you can use social media tools to showcase your knowledge, network with peers, and get exclusive access to new software releases, product demos, online events and advice from HP. All of the latest blogs, guides, videos, webinars and discussion forums will also be easily accessible.


To read about all the changes, this blog post has all the details.


But this is just the first stage in our ongoing efforts to reinvigorate the IT Experts community—and it can’t happen without you. We would like your feedback every step of the way to ensure that your community continues to evolve to better help you succeed professionally.


So what do you like? What needs some tweaks? What parts of the community are most valuable to you? What would you like to see more, what would you like less of?


If you have questions or comments, please reply to this thread. We’re excited to see what you think of the changes!




Phil Nguyen

Software Community Director, IT Experts